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All Outages and Announcements

04th Dec 2023

Please see here for all reported outages and announcements.

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France NAT Servers (FR-VZ1) Downtime

22nd Jan 2024

Please check here for info relating to the recent France downtime.

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FIN-VZ1 Stability Issues

26th Jan 2023

FIN-VZ1 has been having Stability Issues. Please follow updates here.

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The $1 VPS Special

30th Nov 2022

One Year NAT IPv4 256MB NY - Instant Activation

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NY-VZ1 Offline

05th Aug 2022

NY-VZ1 Offline. DC is aware, please standby as we wait for them to bring it back online. Thanks for your patience.
It appears they're going to have to assign a new server.

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PL-VZ1 Network Issues

22nd Mar 2022

Since the start of the PL-VZ1 server, there have been issues with IPv6 networking and some have reported having issues with IPv4 network quality. 

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