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Kind words from our valuable customers

"The hosting is awesome! I've had no issues at all! All I have to do is purchase and connect a domain and is "as simple as 1 2 3" I would buy so much more if I had any other use for it."

Kenny Liernur

"I have been using Gullo's NAT VPS for a half year. Gullo provides me with a good and reliable service."


"I've used Gullo's Hosting for many kinds of purposes but their NAT VPS was just to cheap to be true, I was very satisfied and I highly recommend it!"

Daniel Naaman

"I had never heard of or used a NAT VPS before. My NAT VPS seems to be working acceptably. I have no complaints."


"Good hosting for people that do have dreams and low budget. Gullo takes good care of his company and clients. I'm very happy!. Definitely recommended!."


"Great! Service. Complete my low cost VPS need for VPN. Managing person is very helpful and polite. If you need a VPS <5$ per year. Buy at Gullo's Hosting."

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