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My VPS is offline and will not boot! - (Abuse Monitor)

If your server is not responding to boots or reboots from the SolusVM Control panel this usually means that our Abuse monitor has detected either CPU, Disk IO, or Network abuse coming from your server.
When this happens the monitor will automatically shut down your server and prevent it from booting. To get your server re-activated you will need to open a ticket with support.

You will need to find the cause of this abuse and prevent it from happening again or else your server will continue to be disabled.

Currently, the limits for getting your server disabled are as follows,

Exceeding 500000 packets per second.
Exceeding 1000 simultaneous SMTP conntrack sessions.
Exceeding 100 simultaneous outgoing SSH conntrack sessions.
Exceeding 55000 conntrack sessions.
Exceeding 20000 conntrack sessions in UNREPLIED state.

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